Join Avighna Danta Academy to Score high marks in exams, Instant doubt clearing on subjects and Other activities in education. We are taking the classes from LKG to XII for the subjects of English, Maths, Science, Hindi, Physics, Chemistry and Biology for the syllabus of ICSE, CBSE, MATRICULATION, STATEBOARD.

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Why Home/Private Tuition?

Academic courses can be very challenging and interesting. Perhaps, you couldn’t prepare for your last year’s exams adequately! Your results did not meet up to your expectations. Are you worried about your next, facing year? If yes, Avighna Danta is here to help you.

Avighna Danta specializes in providing one to one tutoring assistance to students of diverse age groups. The sensational school identifies the needs of students and their performance stature. Avighna Danta clearly notes that all students are not of similar calibers. They believe that students have different educational needs. Thus, they are committed to deliver efficient educational services that are effective and comfortable for each student. Avighna Danta clearly believes that students should not only learn but remember everything for a lifetime. Because, when you are prepared for school, you will be prepared for life!

Services for Students from Avighna Danta

May it be subject tutoring, homework help test preparation or formal schooling assistance, Avighna Danta owes to offer services with a brief conversation. Before we begin your child’s classes, we wish to learn more about your kid! All pertinent features about “The Special One” in your family will be learnt and understood.

  • Enrichment : Avighna Danta strives hard towards Enrichment. This enables and supports students master, practice and nourish their academic studies. Student with minor academic difficulties will find enrichment useful. This is because additional practice would prepare them for newer exams! This is a great way to review students. Avighna Danta provides effective study tools to its students. Students are encouraged and trained to follow healthy study routines. Avighna Danta trains students to keep up with their pace. Moreover, enrichment assess every student before their tutoring program. It measures the candidates’ growth and retention.
  • Homework Help : Avighna Danta helps student on how to complete classroom homework, with skills that build in alignment with current classroom concepts. The assistance is ideal for students who are struggling hard and weakly in a single subject. Avighna Danta guarantees that homework would be done successfully! Moreover, students would receive an additional perspective on the difficult topic. Also, additional problems would be given to help them, enhance and learn their subject skills.
  • Intervention and Remediation : Avighna Danta uses effective reteaching materials that are not mastered or used previously. Appropriate for candidates who are below average grade levels. At Avighna Danta student would receive individualized learning plans. Also, materials would be chosen specifically for the student’s customized needs.

For further information regarding services for students from us, please don’t hesitate to call us at +91-89398 69531/89398 69532 or mail us at

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