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Mid-Brain Activation Training

Mid brain activation is a scientific technique, where children are taken to the alpha level of brain waves by keeping them happy. we do this with help of some fulfilled games and music. With the help of some musical frequencies pineal gland ,which is situated in interior mid brain is activated.As a result all the sensory organs get enhanced and they are able to read blindfold.Yes , here u might say why do I child need to read blindfold when they can read with out it.Blindfold is the only wow factor of this workshop, actually this will enhance

  • 1.Concentration power
  • 2. Memorizing power
  • 3. Reading speed
  • 4. Happiness in child
  • 5. Confidence
  • 6. Hand & Eye coordination

This are few benefits I have mention here. Avighna Danta Academy is the first one to start this in Amritsar. We have already done many batches.

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